Easy file-sharing system

Hightail file-sharing system.

We have own secure and easy file-sharing system Hightail. It lies in their file-sharing and digital workspace capabilities, unlimited storage and bandwidth and the ability to share large files easily.

  1. Enter YOUR email address, the Subject, and a short Message.
  2. Navigate out to your local drive and locate the file you are sending, tag it to accept it and send it securely via Hightail.
  3. We will get a notification that it was sent and received and you will get one confirming it was sent successfully.

FTP file-sharing.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most popular protocol to transfer files (download and upload) from one system to other systems. It provides the fastest way transfer files. You can drag files from your local computer into this folder to FTP upload files to our server or drag files from this folder to your local computer to download your files. We have very fast and secure ftp protocol. We will provide the FTP IP Address User Name, Password, and other related information via mail.

Please read it carefully…

  1. Send your pictures ONLY through our uploading tools located on our website.
  2. Do not send us more than 3 pictures for free test or examples for quotation.
  3. Choose one of our service types presets instead of writing a description about what you mean.
  4. Supply Before-After sample for advanced orders or describe clearly in simple English.
  5. Provide your full contact information if you are a new customer.
  6. You should inform us about any corrections after receiving pictures.
  7. Invoices will be sent to you through your provided email in end of each month and you would pay by Credit Cards, Paypal, and Online Money Transactions as you prefer.